Simon Abramov

Founder of ESA Career Mentoring

When I finished my full time study and decided to begin my career in Financial Services, I didn’t know what jobs I’d be suitable for and found it difficult to land a job, let alone an interview. There was no service that could provide me with industry specific guidance, job application preparation, or coaching on the soft skills required to have a successful career. It took a long time through a number of rejections and setbacks to find a suitable job. When I finally landed a job that I felt was right for me, it took a long time to fully grasp the corporate life. Many years and lessons later I ended up in a Senior Leadership position at one of the biggest companies in Australia. Looking back at my career, I thought I would’ve gained a lot of value from having a career mentoring service that prepared me and accelerated my career at the start and beyond.

Leveraging 16 years’ industry expertise and senior management experience, I founded ESA Career Mentoring to help professionals accelerate their careers. My purpose is to impart the lessons learnt from my career journey and provide the industry specific insights and expectations required to have a successful career.

Our Purpose

The purpose of ESA Career Mentoring is to provide you with the tools needed for success. We empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, and mentorship needed to excel in their careers. We strive to impart the lessons learned from a career path walked for over 16 years, setting you up for success and positioning you to land the desired role.

Why ESA Career Mentoring?

We believe that every individual deserves the chance to work in their dream job. We want to accelerate you in your desired career, especially in an increasingly competitive market. Leveraging our extensive industry experience in senior management positions we offer personalised career mentoring, advice, and networking opportunities. All of which specifically focus on each individual’s past journey and experience.

Credentials & Qualifications

Before starting ESA Career Mentoring, Simon has gained extensive experience in the corporate world, including:

He has also attained: